Patrick Halm
Patrick Halm
Graphic Artist

Patrick Halm

Graphic Artist


About Me

In 2009 I attained my B.A. in Fine Arts from UNLV. I am currently seeking an entry level position in the visual arts or design fields.

As an artist and designer, I am concerned with the language of the mind. Familiar images of characters, folk legends, and audio and visual motifs are shorthand for very specific experiences buried in our collective subconscious. What are the specific images and experiences shared by people in our culture? In addition to communication, can these experiences be used to create a resonance of memory between individuals? Do people--in the workplace, in the theater, or on the street--behave differently together while under the influence of a shared experience?


2003-2009 - UNLV Honors College
2005-2009 - UNLV Dean's Honor List
2008 - UNLV College of Fine Arts Dean's List
2009 - UNLV College of Fine Arts Honors Recipient
2009 - UNLV Student Association of Graphic Arts
2009 - Golden Key International Honours Society
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